This is the very first episode of Land Your Dream Job with Inspired Careers.  Here we meet our host Kylie Butler, Career Coach, Talent Attraction Specialist and Speaker.  Kylie teaches us how to create a career vision and think big picture.  This episode sets the scene for the series and helps you get clear on how you can go about understanding what type of career you're suited to.


  • Welcome to the first episode of Land Your Dream Job with Inspired Careers.
  • We’ll be setting the scene for the podcasting series and thinking big picture.
  • I’ll be assisting you to create a career vision. – in around 20 minutes I’m going to assist you to get some more clarity on where you’d like to go with your career.
  • I’m going to talk you through the very same process I use with my clients to assist them in understanding what type of role suits them and pointing them in the direction of a career that is going to satisfy them in the long term.   I them from a point of “I’m not sure what to do with my life” or “I don’t know if I’m in the right career” Or “I don’t know what type of role suits me” to being able to plan out 3, 5 10 years what you want to be doing with your career.
  • It all starts with big picture thinking.
  • I love! Big picture thinking – largely due to the fact that I’m terrible at detail. In fact I often use big picture thinking as an excuse for my lack of detail.
  • So big picture – visionary thinking it is.
  • So how would we define vision? In 0.32 seconds google informed me that vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.   I love this definition and in our planning we are going to embrace both imagination and wisdom.
  • "Fail to plan and plan to fail" said some wise person once. So plan we will.
  • Before embarking on a career journey we need to start with the end in mind. How can we possibly get pumped about where we’re going, if we have no idea where that is.
  • We need to have the end game in mind so that through out our career we can make the right decisions to land us in the right spot.
  • All to often people make choices in their career that lead them down a path to unfullfillment.
  • You don’t need to have to be too precise in terms of your career vision, that would be incredibly limiting. You need to be open to opportunites but it’s important that you are clear on what’s important to you and how you’d like your life to unfold.
  • Before we can start planning though we need to know something crucial! You! You need to know yourself before you can do any planning.
  • What are your beleifs, values, unique talents, passions. Unless you’re clear on this you won’t be able to secure a career that suits you an fulfills you.
  • In the show notes you’ll find my personal purpose and passion template. In an ideal world you’d be crystal clear on your purpose but you don’t need to be.
  • Understanding your purpose can appear to be a big hairy autacious goal. But really what you just need to know is what do can I be doing with my days that fulfills me in which I am using my skills and that I can find a sense of meaning . You do not have to be finding a cure for cancer,
  • Your Talents - Read through pre-thinking document, you’ll also find this in the show notes
  • So today I’m going to give you some homework. Yes it would be lovely if you could just listen to me and within the next 30 mins you could crystalise your career vision but unfortunately it’s not quite that easy. It’s not super hard though, you just need to give some of the questions I’ll be asking you, some thought and as I mentioned, in the shownotes we have a document where you can detail your thinking and your career vision.
  • So once you’ve give the questions some serious thought. You need to have a look back over your answers and look for the themes. Then I have some final questions that will help your crystalise your vision.
  • Refer to the downloadable templates.
  • Now in just a few weeks, or a few episodes, depending on when you’re listening, we’re going to be drilling down from the big picture to more pragmatic thinking, looking at your skills, competencies and factoring in employment market conditions.

Uncovering Purpose