Hello there and welcome back. Thanks for joining us. We had a little bit of break here at Inspired Careers and Land Your Dream Job podcast but we are back with a really very special guest today. The amazingly talented and successful Colette Werden – CEO of Colette Werden Australia. She is an authentic personal branding expert and keynote speaker. You may have read some of her pearls of wisdom on the power of personal branding in CEO Magazine, Business Insider or seen her in Channel 10 or Channel 9 or in a multitude of different places. She is often courted in the media. Colette works with professional entrepreneurs to ensure their personal branding and all its forms delivers a powerful consistent message, enabling professionals to meet their personal goals. Colette shares with us today the power of being you – authentically you unveiling and showing the world who you really are. And also how one can put themselves forward to confidently achieve the goals they have set out for themselves. She will share with us the three essential elements to getting your branding right. So if you would like to be more authentic, develop more confidence and more success, this is a must listen podcast for you.

You'll find our more about this amazing woman at https://colettewerden.com!