How to Write a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Results

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This podcast is ideal for the Job-seeker and Business Owner.

Imagine what would your life look like with an impressive online brand and LinkedIn Profile.

In this podcast I give you the LinkedIn Success formula and teach you how to use it.

So what’s happening now if you don’t have a great LinkedIn Profile?

Unfortunately you have a diminished online brand, you're underselling yourself, you’re being overlooked by amazing employers with great jobs, potential new clients are not contacting you but are contacting your competitors, or perhaps your time is being wasted as you’re being headhunted for the wrong roles or contacted for the wrong type of work. In short, you’re missing out! Big time!

Before We Start

  • Select NO in the ‘Notify your network’ option - not to broadcast to the newsfeed that you are changing your LinkedIn profile
  • Customise your URL to appear more digitally savvy

The LinkedIn Success Formula

1 – A Clickable Headline – ensuring that the reader knows you’re the person they want to engage with

2 – An Engaging Summary – capturing the reader’s attention and clearly articulating your value

3 – Rich Media & Key Words – ensuring you’re found and the reader stays reading your visually appealing profile

Key words 

Key words are specific words you use to describe your craft, technical skills or education. You need to include Key Words in your headline, job titles and experience to ensure that you are found in search results.  Think about key job tasks, education or technical skills that would be included in a Position Description, these are your key words that need to be included in your profile.  For example, media buying, digital design, P&L management, CPA or MBA. Also be sure to include any awards you’ve won.  These can also be used as search criteria.

Clickable Headline - 120 VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTERS

Below are some tips to assist you to write a clickable Headline

  • Write your profile first and seek inspiration from the profile
  • Use the LinkedIn built -in comparrison tool
  • Look at the Job Boards and search the job functions section of LinkedIn
  • Be pragmatic – don’t use obscure job tittles.
  • Look back at testimonials for further inspiration – how do people describe you?

Below are two LinkedIn Headline Formulas

Own Your Niche Headline

  • Use this headline template if you want to be found for one or two specific keywords/key phrases relevant to your industry.
  • Formula: {Keyword(s)} | {your specific benefit or focus area}
  • Example: Management Accountant CPA | Specialist in Telecommunications & IT

  Creatives Headline

  • This formula is not so prescriptive, because Creatives are creative by nature.
  • Formula: {who you are}, {who you serve} {how you benefit them}
  • Example:  Former gymophobeturned fitness nut, teaching others to love the gym – yes really!


  • Succinctly communicate what you do
  • The most important piece of white space in your profile
  • Where you demonstrate your “why”, why you do what you do and what excites you about your work
  • Think about what your target reader needs to know about you
  • Write a high-level summary of your career
  • List acheivements and skills

5 summary styles

  • Personality
  • Short and sweet
  • Accomplishments
  • Mission based
  • Blended

Rich media

All-star profile refers to how complete your profile is, not the quality of the profile.  To be found in search results, you need to have an “All-Star” profile

Profile Sections you need to complete to get to ‘All-Star’ Profile

  • Your Industry and Location
  • An up-to-date Current Position (with a description)
  • Two Past Positions
  • Your Education
  • Your Skills (minimum of 3)
  • A Profile Photo
  • At least 50 Connections

What’s next?

To be found online you need the following

  • 100% complete profile & open privacy settings
  • A clickable Headline – demonstrating your value
  • Key words – in your headline, summary & experience
  • Join groups – you can join up to 50 groups
  • Publishing – publish your own long-form content

Impress on LinkedIn through including the below in your profile

  • An engaging summary
  • Rich media
  • Accomplishments
  • Publishing
  • Taliored testimonials

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