Work is love

made visible

- Karl Gibran

Attitude is the little thing

THTAT makes a big difference

- Winston Churchill

Land YOUR DREAM JOB and Live the life you've always imagined.

Get the skills, motivation and inspiration to make it happen.

Not sure what those “passions and talents” are or how they are going to get you into a job that pays the rent?
No problem.

We can help you discover your unique talents and get clear on your core values. We’ll define your unique proposition to potential employers and inspire and motivate you to reach for your ideal role. You’ll have access to expertise on how to skillfully navigate the job market in the digital age. We’ll then assist you to define your personal brand and give you the tools with an awesome resume and killer interview skills. No employer could possibly resist you.

We can assist you if you are looking for employment or career guidance in Australia, the UK or the USA.  We have expert local advice for each market and tailor our advice specifically for each location.  We can also give you invaluable advise for relocating to a new market and exciting new career.

Now is the time to stop “hunting” or “working” and start living the life you've always imagined.

Every Moment Matters

Do Something You're Proud Of


I’m someone who high-fives life and loves travel, great food, family time, anything to do with the water (beach, sailing, coconuts by the pool) running a business and making a difference.

In a former life I was “corporate Kyles”. I lived and worked in Dublin, London and Rome for many years. The majority of my career has been spent in HR and strategic Talent Acquisition, setting up teams and consulting to businesses on how they can optimize their strategy to secure the best people.

I worked my way up the career ladder and, hated it in the end. I was supporting a business whose values did not match my own. I was working crazy hours, feeling underappreciated and underpaid. I need a change. Insert, some serious soul-searching. I came up with a way to turn my skills on their head and instead of helping businesses find great people I’d help great people find businesses. I wanted to put my talents to work in a way that was more aligned to my values. I was after a better life for myself and a career where I could make more of a difference. I trained as a coach and commenced studies in positive psychology. Along came Inspired Careers. Since opening the doors three years ago we’ve helped hundreds of people to do great things; to get a job, get their dream job, get out of a career rut and embark on a career that makes their heart sing..

I truly believe that if more people did what they loved, if everyday they used their unique talents and enjoyed their"work", the world would be a better place.

Life is short. Too short to be in a job that you don’t love. Inspired Careers is my commitment to empowering individuals to reach their career potential and create personal wealth. You don’t need to imagine what it might be like to jump out of bed and do air punches at the thought of going to work or only dream of being able to afford a holiday in the Bahamas, together we can make it happen. I believe in your potential to live an inspired life, the life you've always imagined.


I am both a Career Coach and Talent Attraction Strategist. I currently divide my time between coaching, both online and in-person, and consulting to businesses on their Talent Attraction strategy. With my hat still in the recruitment game, I am in the best possible position to give you career advice. You know the careers sites that you apply for jobs on? I help devise the strategy that makes them select your CV for interview or not.

During my 15+ year recruitment and HR career I held a number of senior roles including Head of People & Culture and Talent Director. My experience spans training and development to generalist HR and my expertise is in Talent Attraction strategy and Employment Branding, the more creative side of the industry. It’s this creativity that I also bring to devising career options and solutions for you.

My many years of recruiting across the Marketing, IT, Finance, Telco, Pharma, Media and Advertising industries also helps me understand an incredibly broad spectrum of roles and what it takes to be successful in each of these career paths.


I have always found it difficult to know what I am destined to do with my career. I decided I needed some advice and that's where Inspired Careers helped set me on track. Kylie has inspired me to start my own business and has even connected me with a wonderful group of female entrepreneurs to start me on my journey. If you are stuck in a rut, don't know what the right career is for you or you need assistance with building your confidence and nailing that dream job, then I strongly recommend getting advice, the kind of genuine, well structured advice that Kylie delivers!

Kylie is a passionate, professional and skilled guide across all career-related waters. She is has been so helpful in helping my clients prepare for big career transitions and promotions, as well as helping me make the most of my business position personally. I would recommend Kylie to anyone who would like to be in a role they love - and getting paid what they deserve. She has the industry experience, insider knowledge and savvy dedication to make it happen.
‪Alina Berdichevsky

Alinab Coaching

Recently, while at a cross roads in my career, Kylie provided me with excellent advice and assistance concerning decisions about my future career path. She was able to highlight a number of attributes and qualities that I didn’t realise I had and went on to suggest some job options that I would not have considered myself. Not only did she give my job search real direction and motivation but she also built up the momentum of my search and before I knew it I was talking to all the right people in the right places. It was no longer a matter of finding a job but more deciding which job was going to be the right one for me. I am now working in a position that I really look forward to doing everyday. I couldn’t have got to here with out the help of Kylie. If you’re having some thoughts about career direction or needing a little help in getting the job search moving in the right direction then Kylie is the right person to help.
Garth Tucker