Even in an office environment, there are ways to personalize your work-space and bring a touch of your unique style to your surroundings. In today’s guest post, Abbey Batchelor from The Home School gives you some tips for creating a stylish work-space you’ll love sitting down to…

At The Home School, our philosophy is that when people are in an environment that truly reflects them and tells their unique story, they are at their most comfortable and feel happy. It’s equally important that your desk or office reflects you and your style, especially given the number of hours most of us spend there! Here are some simple ways that you can customise even the most plain office workspaces to feel a little more stylish and personal.


Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC (thedesignchaser.com.au)

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC (thedesignchaser.com.au)

Style your chair

Even the most ugly office chairs can be softened with a decorative pillow or sheepskin throw. Pillows can provide extra comfort to soften a hard seat or support your back, whilst a sheepskin or throw can add style, texture and much needed warmth when the office air con is set to “arctic” levels!





Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about harsh fluorescents and bright overhead  lighting, but a small desk lamp can provide a decorative touch and create useful task lighting for reading and writing at your desk.Warmer bulbs will create a cosy glow to again enhance mood.






Photos and artwork  

Without a doubt, personal photos, inspiring quotes and artwork are a sure fire way to personalize your workspace and bring a smile to the faces of colleagues dropping by. There are so many great options for nail-free hanging these days don't damage; you can hang a single large from or create variety  with a gallery wall.

Print fromBlacklist Store https://www.blackliststore.com.au/

Print from Blacklist Store https://www.blackliststore.com.au/

Large frames can sit on your desk, leant against the wall or for a more pared back, creative look you  can tape images onto walls  – no frame required. (Just ensure the tape you use is removable and not likely to peel off paint!)




Image via honestlywtf.com, photography by Jen Kay; styled by Bianca Sotelo.

Image via Sfgirlbybay on Pinterest










Add some greenery

It’s well proven that houseplants not only purify the air and increase oxygen levels around you, they are known to give a mental boost through their very presence. Bringing live elements in


Ivy Muse Desk Pots http://ivymuse.com.au/

to your office will also really lift the space   aesthetically. Cacti and succulents require minimal care, and decorative pots and planters can add another stylish boost to your space. We love these cute desk planters from Melbourne brand Ivy Muse.


Break out from banal office supply boredom with some gorgeous stationery from Kiki K, Typo or Papier d'amour.  It’s not scientifically proven but we think pretty paper and ink definitely helps boost productivity! 😉


Whether you are in an office or working from home, having  an attractive,  functional workspace can do wonders for your mindset and motivation. Spend just a little time and money in making your space more “you”, and see how much more you enjoy your work – who knows, you might be tempted to put in a little overtime.

Abbey Batchelor 

Abbey Batchelor is the founder of The Home School, which offers live online, interactive interior design and styling classes delivered exclusively by leading interior experts.

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