Volunteer & Land and Awesome Job

Put simply, volunteering can add some serious weight to your CV and confidence to your performance both in an interview and on the job (the job that you can quickly land because of your valuable volunteering experience). Let me explain. Personally I volunteer as I believe it’s an incredible opportunity to understand other cultures & socioeconomic groups, enrich both the lives of others and your own and broaden your education and personal development. And yes I also want the recognition, I’m not going to shy away from that. I have a visible profile that allows me to call attention to worthwhile causes and hopefully spur others onto action, to assist in the development of the amazing (but also highly troubled) world of ours. I have done many types of volunteer work: feeding the homeless, working with the mentally ill, fund-raising, and events. Most of all though I enjoy volunteering overseas on well-structured projects looking to create sustainable change in developing countries.

More Fun than a 5 Star Hotel or Island Getaway

Recently instead of holidaying overseas I’ve chosen to join volunteer projects. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy 5 stars, fluffy towels and a well-stocked mini-bar with the best of them. I quite fancy taking a dip in an infinity pool and spending time exploring European cities. I thoroughly enjoy frolicking by the seashore on a majestic island. But the truth is, after an hour by the pool, lying on a white sandy beach, or wandering around a city where I don’t understand the language my enjoyment and enthusiasm tend to wane. I get bored. I think that surely I could be doing something more productive with my time.

Move Your CV to the Top of the Pile

Volunteering overseas delivers an incredibly rich cultural learning experience that can only be achieved by being immersed in the country and culture. It also delivers the opportunity to learn and develop myself personally and professionally. I have had the privilege of working with some incredibly inspirational people, locals, non-locals and volunteers. I’ve sharped my skills in thinking on my feet, multi-tasking, in working in a culturally diverse landscape and in making things happen with little or no budget. All extremely valuable skills for my career! If you’re someone who’s looking for a career within an organisation that has a sustainability policy and/or core company values around giving back and making a difference, having volunteer experience on your CV can move your CV to the top of the pile.

 Volunteer Abroad

I choose to volunteer with GVI due to their commitment to UN Initiatives, their values, people and commitment to creating sustainable change. Even on short assignments, I’ve felt like I’m playing an important part in the development of a country shortly after I land on a project. Given the significant quality work that GVI does to ensure it is delivering local communities what they need most, whether it be education or environmental conservation assistance, you always know you’re doing something truly meaningful to the communities you assist.

9 times out of 10, I’d swap the infinity pool for hanging out in the volunteer guesthouse. And on projects, you get weekends off. The local waterfalls in Luang Prabang beat a fancy-pants hotel pool any day.

Volunteering, it’s no fancy pants holidays but if career advancement, personal growth, and professional success drive you, then go ahead and sign up for something today.

 Get Involved

*Here is more information on volunteering with GVI overseas https://www.gviaustralia.com.au

**In this article I focus on overseas volunteer projects you can also assist in Australia with a variety of organisations, simply go to and find the one that’s right for you, for the local community and for your CV https://www.volunteer.com.au