A good CV will no longer get you a job, neither will good interview skills or amazing interview skills for that matter. Looking good on paper and performing well in the room no longer guarantee you a handshake and a job offer.

Why is this? The fact is that the job market has changed, dramatically. It’s no surprise that the internet caused a big shift. However, what is interesting is how the presence of LinkedIn has changed the role of recruitment agencies and job boards. This has fundamentally altered the way the entire market functions. Combine this with progressive employers that truly understand the role of talent in organisational success and low unemployment in Australia. We now have a market that is almost unrecognizable from five years ago. A different market requires a different approach.

LinkedIn has given employers direct access to candidates. They no longer need to pay recruiters hefty fees to map the talent market. With an upgraded LinkedIn account, employers can view the global talent market and through Inmail (LinkedIn’s inbuilt messaging system) contact them directly.

Low unemployment also means that there are many more jobs than excellent candidates, giving the candidates the balance of power. Gone are the days when the almighty employer would advertise an open position, wade through the ad response, interview a few select candidates, choose the one they desired and then make an offer, that would surely be accepted because the candidate was “lucky” to be chosen.

Now progressive organisations (and the best places to work) understand the importance of strategic workforce planning. They map out what competencies and roles are required in their organisation and then they map the talent market. With LinkedIn employer can easily see where the top talent is sitting. They then talent pool, they proactively reach out to candidates and open up conversations with a view to current and future employment. Job boards and recruitment agencies still have a role in the way the current market operates, as people leave positions suddenly and employers aren’t always on the front foot with top talent ready to fill their open roles. However, the tide is shifting. Employers are investing in internal capability to recruit candidates directly and cut out the middleman, the recruitment agencies. They are investing in employment branding and technology to attract and recruit the best and brightest. Employers prefer not to have to advertise and read through applications (though there are not as many as there were years ago). They want to employ the talented candidates in their talent pool, or the ones they have already lined up through their graduate or intern programs.

The fundamental shift in the way the employment market operates means significant differences in the way candidates need to approach the market. The biggest difference is that candidates need to have a strong online profile. The great news is for the candidates that are in the know, is that they are way ahead, opening themselves up to being approached for fantastic opportunities daily. A few key words in your LinkedIn profile, some rich media, solid online testimonials and hello job offers. Candidates with paper CVs that defer to the job boards (where the majority of good jobs never get posted because they are filled proactively through talent pools) are missing out.

Understanding the nuances of the current employment market is not necessary for a candidate to be successful. If you're savvy you can learn how to get a job in the current market. You simply need to understand the importance of your online profile, be proactive in approaching employers of choice and not rely too heavily on the (limited) opportunities presented through job boards and with recruitment agencies.

How to find a job in the current market

How to find a job in the current market


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