No matter where you are at in your career journey this podcast will inspire you to take your career to the next level and find more meaning, joy and success in what you do. Whether you're simply considering a career change, or actively looking for a role, Kylie's interviews with a host of highly successful individuals will educate, motivate, energise and inspire you.

In the Land Your Dream Job podcast Kylie helps people get “unstuck” in their careers and understand the type of work that will make their hearts sing. Through a series of interviews and directly, she teaches smart job search strategies, interview skills, LinkedIn strategies and how to put together CVs, Resumes, and job applications that get results.

She reveals some super smart strategies for Job Seekers, teaching them not only how to search for jobs but how to also be found and sought out for work online. In addition to strategies, this podcast also heavily focuses on motivating and inspiring listeners to develop the mindset for success and the confidence to chase their career dreams.

Kylie interviews a range of highly talented professionals who share both their career journeys and incredible wisdom.


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#19: How to Volunteer your Way to a Successful Career

Hello there and welcome back. Thanks for joining us. We had a little bit of break here at Inspired Careers and Land Your Dream Job podcast but we are back with a wonderful guest today, the inspiring Leyla Isin-Xiong, Program Manager, GVI, Luang Prabang...

#18: Combine Tenacity & Focus & Make your Dream Career a Reality

On today’s show we have the talented Michelle Sutherland. Michelle is a passionate entrepreneur and a true inspiration. She is a shining example of how with tenacity and focus you can enjoy a career beyond your wildest dreams. Now this podcast is a must listen for...

#15: Everything you Need to Know to be Successful at Interview

Hello there and welcome to the show! We have a very special episode today because we’re talking some seriously smart strategies around interviews. It’s all about the big day, the prep before the day, how you can nail it and land the job of your dreams. Specifically,...

#14: Find Success & Spirituality as a Globe-trotting Rockstar

Chrissy is always pushing boundaries with a freeform approach to her live singing, Chrissy, aka Bang Bang, has carved out her own performance style within the dance music scene. Singing freestyle alongside house and techno DJs from all over the world, Chrissy brings...

#13: Freelance your Way to Serious Success

On today’s show we have Michael Brooks – a highly successful businessman. If you’d like to emulate his success, this episode is a “must listen”. We’ll teach you a highly innovative way in which you can have not only financial freedom but be your own boss, a leader and...

#11: How to Change Career Successfully and Love What you Do!

Today I'm excited to be talking about a subject close to many people's hearts, career change. It's a topic that is equal parts exciting and scary. Now I firmly believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and if you're not loving what you're doing for...

#10: How to Set Your Career on Fire by your Mid-20s!

On today’s podcast I have another marketing gun. Our guest today, Cheryl Mack, is only in her mid- 20s and is currently the product manager of events at Freelancer. If you’re interested in knowing the secrets to how you rapidly advance your career, get into working...