No matter where you are at in your career journey this podcast will inspire you to take your career to the next level and find more meaning, joy and success in what you do. Whether you're simply considering a career change, or actively looking for a role, Kylie's interviews with a host of highly successful individuals will educate, motivate, energise and inspire you.

In the Land Your Dream Job podcast Kylie helps people get “unstuck” in their careers and understand the type of work that will make their hearts sing. Through a series of interviews and directly, she teaches smart job search strategies, interview skills, LinkedIn strategies and how to put together CVs, Resumes, and job applications that get results.

She reveals some super smart strategies for Job Seekers, teaching them not only how to search for jobs but how to also be found and sought out for work online. In addition to strategies, this podcast also heavily focuses on motivating and inspiring listeners to develop the mindset for success and the confidence to chase their career dreams.

Kylie interviews a range of highly talented professionals who share both their career journeys and incredible wisdom.


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#09: Own Your Own Value & Have A Career You Love

Our guest today, Heather Porter, is such an amazing woman that she’s had 2 careers. The first career in was in events and the second in digital marketing. This is a great interview and episode to listen to if you’d like to succeed in either of those fields but more...

#6: How to write a Standout LinkedIn profile

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Results The Masterclass Podcast This podcast is ideal for the Job-seeker and Business Owner. Imagine what would your life look like with an impressive online brand and LinkedIn Profile. In this podcast I give you the LinkedIn...

#5. How To Develop The Mindset For Success

All success in career and life begins with having the right mindset.  A mindset programmed for success.  In this interview Kylie Ryan, a highly skilled Mind Coach & NLP Master, teaches us how to reprogram your mind and understand your own worth, in order to live...

#2. What Really Makes Someone Want to Hire You

In this interview Salvador Klein teaches us what progressive employers are looking for in candidates.  As an employer of 35 people, although only being 33 years of age himself, he has some great insights to share on communicating and understanding your own value....

#1: How to Create a Career Vision & Plan a Career You’ll Love

This is the very first episode of Land Your Dream Job with Inspired Careers.  Here we meet our host Kylie Butler, Career Coach, Talent Attraction Specialist and Speaker.  Kylie teaches us how to create a career vision and think big picture.  This episode...