#gratitude #livingthedream #winningatlife

I’m reading a book  at the moment called, ‘The Art of Living a Great Life.’  To be honest, I’m not quite sure what compelled me to purchase this particular book, especially given I picked it up at the airport moments before slipping into my business class seat en route to Bali, the gorgeous tropical isle upon which I currently reside. Some would say (hi Mum!) that I could’ve actually written the book myself. It is true; my life looks pretty shiny from the outside (read: my Instagram account seriously rocks).  2017 has seen me living in Sydney, Byron Bay & Bali, housed in beautiful villas, working poolside in co-working spaces and resorts, hanging out with beautiful people, eating in fancy-pants restaurants and also enjoying precious time in stunning places in nature. Oh, and just quietly, I’ve also done the odd photo shoot.  

So yes, my Insta account has the requisite number of gorgeous beaches, sunsets/sunrises, glammed-up selfies, beautiful women in bikinis, spunky men sans chemises, designer brunches, green smoothies, cool co-working spaces, Start-up events, a few cute kid shots, and I’m pretty sure there’s a pic or 2 of me drinking out of a coconut. I honestly, and not at all ironically, use the hashtag #gratitude, a lot! #winningatlife #livingthedream are a little tongue in cheek, but only a little ;-). So, have I nailed it? Do I, in fact, already understand the Art of Living a Great Life?  Was my book purchase an unnecessary one?  Well, I suppose the answer to those questions lies in understanding the criteria for an awesome life. If an awesome life is all about money and beauty, glamour and style, gorgeous locations and even more gorgeous people, then any cashed-up model/bogan with an Instagram account can, by that definition, lead an awesome life.

Personally, my definition of an awesome life is one in which I live by my values, undertake work that lights me up from the inside, surround myself with inspiring people I care for, and impact positively on the world around me. It’s a life where I’m happy and healthy, living in the moment, and experiencing deep gratitude for each of life’s blessings.  An awesome life is one in which I truly value and feel connected to each precious moment. Where I love and feel loved. It’s more about stopping to smell the flowers, than smashing goals (or avocados, for that matter), but it does incorporate a level of professional and financial success. Oh, and of course, I need to capture all of this on the latest iPhone and live stream it to the world around me 😉