I’m guessing this article might be somewhat divisive. Spiritual terms are not often mentioned in business dialogue. In fact, money and spirituality may appear to sit at polar opposite ends of the morality continuum. Put simply, and in highly limiting and prejudiced terms, money is “dirty” and spirituality is “godly”. On a scientific continuum, again they may be quite far removed, money is seen as factual, proven and quantifiable, whereas spirituality can be referred to as “woo woo”, and prior to the recent findings of quantum physics, simply unprovable. Thankfully this thinking is dated and the more educated and self-actualised individual is waking, or we can say awakened 😉 to the notion of spirituality and success not being two mutually exclusive realities.

What is… the Law of Abundance?

“How exactly can money and spirituality be connected, even intertwined”, you may ask? Let me introduce for discussion, The Law of Abundance. The Law of Abundance is a spiritual principle and universal law in which life is fruitful, abundant, free-flowing, ever-present and plentiful. Abundance comes from the Latin verb abundare, which means “to abound, to overflow”. It is said that the Law of Abundance will give you unlimited wealth and prosperity. It is also true that we live in a world of wealth and prosperity (despite its obvious uneven distribution). The Law of Abundance kicks in when an individual has a healthy dose of confidence, self-love and compassion, a solid belief and faith in the universe and then they throw some powerful intention setting into the mix. Another universal principle then powers up - The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that every positive or negative thought brings about a corresponding positive or negative event, or set of circumstances, into one’s life.

Scared of scarcity…

What happens if you don’t believe, if you think the matters I’m discussing are, in fact “woo woo”? Well, my friend, that is a negative belief, not believing in abundance and prosperity, and according to The Law of Attraction, you may now invite debt and difficulty into your life. Watch out for a bunch of window-faced envelopes in the mail today. They are unlikely to be lottery cheques! If you don’t believe in abundance but in the reverse, in scarcity, then it could be said that you have a Scarcity Mindset. Distinct from the Abundance Mindset, the Scarcity Mindset is fear-based. When you believe in scarcity you pinch pennies, fear loss, and are constantly on the look-out for the next financial or personal crisis. You inherently believe that wealth and success come in limited quantities, are not available to all, are easily lost and have to be fought for. It is then said that any measure of financial and/or personal success will come with struggle, if at all.

Think this is all a little farcical? To be honest, on first learning about these principals, I was more than a little sceptical. But the fact that I learnt about these principles from some seriously cashed-up and wise financial experts, one being a major shareholder in a billon dollar wealth management firm, another a wildly successful financial planner, I started to listen and pay some serious attention. At the end of the day I believe it’s easy to be a critic, it’s far more difficult to believe. I choose to focus on believing.

How to cash in…

Applying the Law of Abundance is all about creating the outer world you live in by first focusing on mindfully creating your inner world. Meditate, tame that tiger of a mind of yours and gain clarity of purpose. Start each day with intention. Learn to visualise. Believe and trust in both yourself and the universe. Now, let the big bucks and good times roll in!