Is your dream job just a little too far from your current reality to imagine that you might be collecting a pay check from it anytime soon? Who knows, Charlie Theron’s body double might fall ill and they might call you in or Jimmy Fallon will decide that showbiz is no longer for him and the producers will be calling on your witty intelligent banter very soon. But lets just imagine for a second that your dream job does not come knocking in 2015.  2016 is definitely more likely, yes.

For now though, you are where you are. What can you do to start loving your work and your current circumstance? What can you do to change your current job into your dream job? The answer is simple. The idea is not. You can change your mindset. Now I say this is not simple because there will be some elements of your job that you’d like to do away with completely, like the boss, location, colleagues… and the simple fact is many of these things are outside of your control. What is within your control though is how you view your situation, how you frame each day, respond to challenges and endeavor to see the positives and lessons in every moment. You’ll also find that when you change your mindset, your behavior will change, others will respond to you differently and before you know it, you will have actually changed your environment.

The power of your mind

So how do you implement this change? It starts with believing in the power of your mind and treating it like the valuable tool it is. Meditation is a great exercise to train your brain. The brain is incredibly malleable and you really do have a large amount of control over the way you think. It takes 28 days to create a new neural pathway and a habit. You can train yourself to think positively and view things in a different light.

Let go

Secondly, give up. Let go. You can’t control many or most of the elements around you so don’t try. It’s exhausting being responsible for other peoples moods, behaviors or outcomes, so don’t be. Visualise yourself being surrounded by a bubble. You can control what’s inside. You can look at what’s happening outside your bubble and laugh or cry. It’s your choice and your happiness that will be affected.

Frame each day positively

Saying ten gratitudes is a great way to start your day. Sending a thank you email to someone you appreciate every morning is a great way to start the work day. Ensure you structure your day where possible to work for you and commit to giving yourself the personal time you need. Listen to music to brighten up the day. Stop and smell the flowers, literally. You also need to put yourself first. You’re worth it. Being a slave to the office doesn’t work for anyone. You’ll drain your energy, actually be less productive, less engaged and ultimately resentful and unhappy.

Use Emotional Intelligence

Respond, don’t react. Such simply words to live by, that have such a profound effect on the way that things can play out. Children react, adults respond. Practice emotional intelligence and every time something or some one really upset you, don’t fly off the handle. Sit back and think, why did that happen and what’s going to be the best course of action to get me to my desired result? Respond and sit back and watch things work to your advantage, minus the frustrations.

Experiment - start loving your work

Let’s look at a changed mindset in action. Pick a day this week and commit to being the master of your mind and enjoying your work. On waking, list ten things you’re grateful for. On the way to work, stop and pick a flower. After you power up your laptop, send off an email to a team member to compliment them on their work and give a sincere thanks. At work put on some uplifting music either in the office or through a headset. Plan your day out for maximum efficiency. If you need to be uninterrupted sit in a meeting room or close your office door for a period. Take a lunch break. When someone inevitably annoys you, think to yourself, “I wonder what’s going on with them that they were unable to complete the task/refrain from saying something unnecessary /being aggressive. I hope they are ok. Whatever they did, it’s not actually about me, it’s their stuff.” Then respond with maturity and dignity and give yourself an imaginary high five for being such an awesome grown up! Considering how productive you’ve been, you can leave the office on time. At the end of the day, sit back and reflect on what a rocking day it has been and how a work day can in fact be a great day.

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Start loving your work


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