Are you considering a career change but not sure what to?

What do you love to do?

Is that a tricky question to answer? Are you unsure what career you’re suited to?  Have you gone down a certain path with study, work or both but despite your best efforts you’re now left feeling unfulfilled and unsure? You’re not confident about your career prospects or what the right job for you is…

You’d love to find a job that didn’t feel like work (if only!), made your heart sing, a job that just "felt right”….

Imagine if finding your “dream job” wasn’t an illusive concept. What if, you could simply get clear on your career path, navigate the job market with ease and nail the job of your dreams in a matter of weeks?  You can. There is a job out there with your name on it, a job that will challenge you, make you feel alive, contribute to something bigger.  You can enjoy work, be paid what you’re worth and live the life you’ve always imagined.

Your ticket to this new life is here.  Say hello to the Transform Your Career program, a program that will give you the confidence to find a job you love, the skills to very quickly make it a reality and finally, do what you love, every, single, day.

It's time to start living the life you've always imagined.

The time to land your dream job is now.

It is my passion to apply my skills and expertise to help you find your (career) purpose. So I created a course to help you unearth your passion, your purpose, and attract opportunities that will Transform Your Career.
– Kylie

New jobs are created every day. How can you transform your career if you don’t even know all your options? You don’t have to sacrifice or suffer now to have a career that inspires you. This program will give you the tools, skills and personal guidance to find your purpose, and attract your perfect career.

An 8 Week Course Guaranteed to Transform Your Career & Your Life

How it Works

You simply need to make an investment in yourself.  On signup you’ll be granted access to the IC Academy, this is the exclusive member site that will guide you effortlessly from where you’re at now to landing your dream job.  Yep, it’s that easy.  Each week you’ll gain access to video tutorials, templates, scripts, motivation and inspiration.  Kylie, your expert Career Coach will also support you with personal Skype coaching calls and guide you every step of the way.

The foundation for this course (and your career confidence 🙂 are the insights gained from your personality profile in Week 1. We then guide you through a process of career coaching to help you crystalise your values, beliefs, passions, unique talents (of which you’ll discover there are so many) and ultimately, your purpose. What you learn about yourself in Week 1 forms the nucleus of your Job Attraction strategy. You will learn how to create a standout resume and LinkedIn profile and walk away with the skills and knowledge to transform your career.

Each Friday, you will receive course materials to support the learning outcomes for the following week. Each Monday you’ll have a Personal Coaching call with your coach, Kylie Butler.

You’ll get valuable feedback, questions answered and importantly, Kylie will keep you accountable to your career progress. By Week 8, you will have the personal insight and ability to transform your career into one that is aligned with your life purpose.

Easy steps, weekly support, tools and inspiration.

What we cover:

week 1           INTRODUCTION     developing a success mindset
week 2           DISCOVERY             find your purpose + personality profiling
week 3           GOALS                      identifying the career that suits you
week 4           BRAND                     developing a personal brand + CV + LinkedIn
week 5           STRATEGY               strategic job searching skills + networking
week 6           TACTICS                   applications + cover letters + working with recruiters
week 7           SKILLS                      interview skills + salary negotiation skills
week 8           FUTURE                    future career planning

Course Materials Include:

Worksheets & Templates

Worksheets, A step-by-step guide, downloadable templates that you can customise for your CV, cover letter, emails to employers, job applications, networking email templates, LinkedIn summary templates and guide


Short videos filled with practical tips and inspirational insights on how to make your job search more effective. Examples include interview skills and tips to boost confidence and motivation.


Register your interest now and we’ll send you free video training on how to develop the confidence to land your dream job.

Invest in yourself prior to the end of June 2018 and you’ll receive a 50% discount on the total program cost. That’s a guaranteed saving of $665.  

"I’m offering you this special price because I want to see you reach your potential and find the joy in every day with a job you love. Your new career is just a few clicks away."


Get prepared for success by developing your success mindset and gain the confidence to make your dream career a reality. Using the same techniques that Olympic athletes use to prime themselves for the main event, Kylie shows you how to prepare your mind for success.  Before you actually start looking for a role, learn the three biggest mistakes that most Job Seekers make and how you can avoid these mistakes.  Be ahead of the completion before you even start!

Walk away from Week 1 with skills you can use for life; your success mindset.


Designing the perfect career begins with a process of self-discovery. You’ll discover your personality style, values, passions, unique talents and ultimately your purpose through undertaking a series of  psych tests and assessments.  You'll then get a report with valuable insights into your personality, and the types of roles and organisations where you would excel. Week 2 is fun!  You'll gain incredibly powerful insights into yourself that will change the course of your life.

Walk away from Week 2 clear on the career direction that will make your heart sing.

Week 3 - GOALS

Now that you’re clear on your purpose, it's time to create a plan to help you identify and attract your inspired career. You will expand on your career possibilities from Week 2, and get clear on the roles you’re best suited to.  Your personal Career Coach will also give you a list of exciting and attainable career options and an end to the pain of not knowing what it is that you want to do with your career.

Walk away from Week 3 with a list of career options that suit your personality.

Week 4 - BRAND

In Week 4 you get the tools to elevate your personal brand, which is comprised of three four elements; your social media presence, LinkedIn profile, personal style and your CV. You'll get the steps to boost your personal brand, and your resume professionally finished by a graphic designer.  Week 4 is exciting, you'll receive a PR plan befitting a celebrity.  You'll also receive awesome styling tips from our resident personal stylist.  By the end of week 4 you'll feel like a superstar and be excited about what you know to be, your imminent career success.

Walk away from Week 4 with a strong personal brand that will help you attract opportunities you love.


Find out how to develop your job attraction skills and search strategically. You will be guided through the steps on how to attract a role that is aligned with your purpose. The approach you'll learn is revolutionary and will mean minimum time on job boards and maximum time being sought out and found for work you love. Included is a proven Job Attraction Strategy, and the secrets to proactive networking.  In week 5 you'll learn the secret to "non-networking networking" whereby you connect with other professionals and are guaranteed sponsors and success in your chosen career.

Walk away from Week 5 with a smart career plan and ways to grow your professional network.

Week 6 - TACTICS

You will have access to a range of templates that make it easy for you to craft strong applications and cover letters that standout from the crowd. You'll instantly go to the top of the pile.  Week 6 is the end of sending unrequited applications. Get ready for instant call-backs and invitations to interview.  You’ll also learn the secret to successfully working with a professional recruiters (and making them work for you).

Walk away from Week 6 with professional applications, cover letters and recruitment agency support.

Week 7- SKILLS

In Week 7 you'll discover what it takes to ace an interview, review your employment agreement and negotiate your salary package. You’ll receive video training on how to prepare for competency/behavioural-based and cultural interviews.  Week 7 is the end of pre-interview nerves and interview dread.  You'll be excited about the interview.  Kylie has conducted thousands of interviews, and she shares with you, the secret to truly nailing the interview, beyond prep or STAR, the way in which you can guarantee you'll land your dream job.  The awkward salary negation will also become a cinch with our handy negation checklist.

Walk away from Week 7 with the confidence and skills to perform exceptionally at interview and negotiate a salary in line with your worth.

Week 8 - FUTURE

Get ready for a lifetime of success. You’ll combine all of the information and knowledge you’ve gathered over the past few weeks and create an actionable long-term career plan with achievable goals.  In addition to popping the bubbles we'll also use this week to plan out a lifetime of success.

Walk away from Week 8 with a SMART career plan and actionable goals for your inspired career.

Free Resources Exclusive to Core Participants

Private Facebook Group

When you start this course you will be invited to join the Inspired Careers private Facebook Group. This is a great platform to share your job search experiences and receive support and encouragement.

Access to the Inspired Careers Academy

Job Search resources to help your journey; videos, templates, articles, tips and more. With exclusive access to the membership site you're guaranteed a user experience that facilitates easy learning.

Career Coaching Call

Kylie will jump on a 40 minute call in week two to provide you with personalised Career Coaching. You’ll then receive accountability calls each Monday to answer any queries and keep you tracking to your goals.
No other eLearning program gives you personal access to an expert Career Coach.


This course is for you if:

You're not using your talents

What if you don't know what type of job your talents are best suited to? You’re good at lots of things, not just one thing, so what is your natural career path? And what other options do you have anyway?

You sell yourself short

Do you feel like you’re wasting time and energy in the job you're in? Know that you deserve to be paid more but don't know where to start?

You want to take your life to the next level

You have a vision for your life and know that there’s something more to strive to, but feel held back from pursuing it. You feel disconnected from your true desires and you're not making the impact in your career, and life, that you want to, and know you can.

You feel overwhelmed

You’d like to look for a new job but you're resume is out of date and you don't know where to start. The thought of a job search is overwhelming, where do you even begin?

You're frustrated by Recruiters

You have multiple skills and interests and Recruiters don’t know what to do with you. It would be so much easier for the recruiter if they could just pigeonhole you like everyone else.

You’re returning to the workforce

You’ve taken some time out to focus on family and now you’d like to get back into the game but do things differently. Your priorities have changed and you want to do something more meaningful.

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back


Will I have direct access to you?
Yes you will. Unlike other programs, you’ll be able to email me and we can jump on Skype together.
Are the results guaranteed?
Yes they are. If you are not satisfied with the course then simply email me back your completed worksheets and templates and I’ll refund your money in full.
Time’s an issue. How long does the course take? What if I need more time?
Yes they are. If you are not satisfied with the course then simply email me back your completed worksheets and templates and I’ll refund your money in full.
How much time will it take me to complete the course content each week?
You can expect to spend two hours a week. Two fun-filled hours also as you’ll be delivered inspirational content and motivation weekly.
How does the CV Design work?
Once we’ve finished the content in your CV and we are both happy with it. We’ll liaise on the look and feel and I’ll send it off to a graphic designer to be completed. Turn-around time is generally 24 hours.





Invest in yourself prior to the end of May 2017 and you’ll receive a 50% discount on the total program cost. That’s a guranteed saving of $665.  

Included in the total price is $750 worth of additional value!

• Your CV finished by a Graphic Designer - $350
Personality Profiling & Career Development Report & interpretation - $400